Mike has founded companies providing transformative solutions for the global enterprise. He has developed award winning products in unified communications, service operations, security, and data management.

Mike co-founded WebCentric Communications developing disruptive telecommunications and Internet integration. WebCentric was awarded a patent for its 'click to dial' technology used widely by call center organizations to this day. Mike went on to co-found DBVisions Inc producing an enterprise grade content management and security platform that was later acquired by a leading CMS provider. Mike went on to found VCI Inc with a focus on identity and security integration for global organizations. VCI developed the enterprise Single Sign On solution for Microsoft Live Meeting. VCI was the exclusive Microsoft integration partner for deployment of Live Meeting into complex, global enterprise environments. VCI has supported and maintained complex identity management integrations with some of the world's largest organizations. This success led Mike to design IdRamp, a decentralized integration fabric focused on automating identity security and application interoperability.
IdRamp is building tools and services to evolve corporate identity solutions.
IdRamp has strong roots in corporate Identity and Access Management and has bridged that legacy technology with cutting edge Self Sovereign Identity and distributed ledger technology to transform the way enterprise interacts with their customers and employees.

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