Episode 43

Ad Tracking Runs Deep

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Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk to Dr. Augustine Fou about his privacy analysis app, Page X-Ray, ad tracking, and data privacy.

Show Notes:

00:02:17 Page Xray and Blacklight
00:07:27 While you interact with one web page, who else is harvesting your information?
00:14:13 Listen to which tracker Katherine used for about 10 minute, and promptly removed!
00:15:57 What is malvertising
00:18:55 What about the browser extension privacy trackers?
00:25:54 Who should use PageXray?
00:32:30 What are some good consumer tools?
00:42:26 What is "fingerprinting" and how does a site "fingerprint" you?
00:48:21 Covering your "privates"
00:51:32 Marketers are chasing the shiny object called Digital
00:53:26 what is the ratio of registered domains vs websites vs humans visitors vs real ad impressions?

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