Episode 51

Poop in the Desert


December 11th, 2020

40 mins 13 secs

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Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman have a fun chat with Petros Koutoupis about open source in space, digital detox, World War 2 cryptography, and poop in the desert.

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  • NASA is paying startups for moon rocks. It's not what you think - CNN — NASA pledged in September to buy moon rocks from companies that can get robotic rovers to the lunar surface and scoop up samples of the dusty terrain, and the space agency asked for bids from companies all over the world. The winners were unveiled Thursday: California-based Masten, Lunar Outpost of Colorado, and two separate companies that are both called iSpace — one from Japan and the other from Luxembourg.
  • semissioncontrol/semcos: SEMC OS is an operating system for Space Exploration and beyond! — Space. The Final Frontier. Where man hesitates to go, for it is one of the most dangerous realms that can be found. Not a world, but a multitude of worlds, accessible through only one tool — the space rocket. But tools of great power rely on systems of even more tremendously large strength. These systems are the ones that are created here, at SEMC. The Space Exploration Mission Control organization strives to create powerful tools and services, Open Sourced. And this is SEMC OS. A from-scratch distro written to be fast and reliable. Why? Because large space agencies lack one. There should be a unification when it comes to softwares that control the future of humanity - and this is where SEMC OS comes in. Hooked? Read on!

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