Episode 60

SpaceX, Starlink, and Mozilla State Partitioning

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Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls talk about Starlink, SpaceX and Mozilla’s new state partitioning privacy feature in Firefox.

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Episode Links

  • Starlink: SpaceX's satellite internet project | Space — Starlink is the name of a satellite network that the private spaceflight company SpaceX is developing to provide low-cost internet to remote locations. While SpaceX eventually hopes to have as many as 12,000 satellites in this so-called megaconstellation, the size and scale of the project have flustered astronomers and amateur skywatchers, who fear that the bright, orbiting objects will interfere with observations of the universe.
  • Heavens-Above — Awesome site for space nerds.
  • How Starlink Is About To Disrupt The Telecommunications Sector — If the logo doesn’t ring a bell, put it on your radar. Starlink, the satellite telecommunications company created by Elon Musk leveraging SpaceX’s rocket development, continues to complete milestones on schedule and announces that it will offer 300Mbps connectivity services with an approximate latency of 20ms by the end of this year. In the United States, where the company has garnered a favorable deal that includes $900 million in funding under FCC programs aimed at providing connectivity to rural areas, that’s a very competitive offer, so much so that many ISPs have protested to the FCC claiming that the technology used by the company is experimental, not sufficiently tested, and will cause problems in the future. If you don’t spot that as a clear sign of disruption, you haven’t seen enough disruptions yet. 
  • Introducing State Partitioning - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog — State Partitioning is the technical term for a new privacy feature in Firefox called Total Cookie Protection, which will be available in ETP Strict Mode in Firefox 86. This article shows how State Partitioning works inside of Firefox and explains what developers of third-party integrations can do to stay compatible with the latest changes.

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