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Join Privacy and Open Source advocates, Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman, as they navigate the new digital world, covering topics related to digital privacy, cybersecurity, digital identity, as well as Linux and open source and other current issues.

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Episodes and Blog Entries

  • Episode 112: Pseudonymous Authentication for Twitter

    Episode  |  May 20th, 2022  |  1 hr 29 mins
    identity, open source, privacy, technology

    Katherine Druckman and Kyle Rankin talk to Dave Huseby about his new approach to pseudonymous user authentication.

  • Episode 111: Peer-to-Peer Messaging with Quiet

    Episode  |  May 13th, 2022  |  1 hr 17 mins
    messaging, privacy, security, technology

    Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls talk to Kyle Rankin and Holmes Wilson about Quiet, a Tor-based peer-to-peer messaging project.

  • Episode 110: More on Mastodon

    Episode  |  May 6th, 2022  |  50 mins 52 secs
    open source, social media, technology

    Katherine Druckman, Doc Searls, and Shawn Powers have far too much fun continuing the conversation about Mastodon and the fediverse, with a dose of photography.

  • Episode 109: From Twitter to the Fediverse with Mastodon

    Episode  |  April 29th, 2022  |  1 hr 5 mins

    Katherine Druckman talks to Shawn Powers and Kyle Rankin about moving from Twitter to the Fediverse using Mastodon, including how to choose a server and find your niche.

  • Reality 2.0 Newsletter - April 22, 2022: What's Web 3 Again?

    Article  |  April 22nd, 2022
    By Katherine Druckman
    decentralization, identity, web 3

    Join us for our exploration of decentralization and identity.

  • Episode 108: Microtargeting Warfare and Other Ad Tech Nightmares

    Episode  |  April 22nd, 2022  |  1 hr 2 mins
    ad tech, technology

    Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk to Don Marti about ad tech and its many consequences, as well as recent efforts to reform it.

  • Episode 107: Building the Decentralized Web

    Episode  |  April 15th, 2022  |  1 hr 13 mins
    decentralization, identity, technology, web 3.0

    Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls talk to James Walker of Fission about building the decentralized web, decentralized identity, IPFS, and empowering users.

  • Reality 2.0 Newsletter - April 13, 2022: Privacy Revisited

    Article  |  April 13th, 2022
    By Katherine Druckman
    privacy, tracking

    We're back!

  • Episode 106: Revisiting Privacy

    Episode  |  April 8th, 2022  |  42 mins 14 secs
    privacy, technology

    Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls revisit the topic of data privacy.

  • Episode 105: What is the Digital Markets Act?

    Episode  |  April 1st, 2022  |  35 mins 12 secs
    apple, privacy, technology

    Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls talk about the Digital Markets Act and Apple's personal finance plans.

  • Episode 104: Digital Archives and Nomads

    Episode  |  March 25th, 2022  |  1 hr 7 mins

    Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk to Steven Roberts about digitizing media, photography, and retro computing.

  • Episode 103: Supply Chain Security and Disaster

    Episode  |  March 18th, 2022  |  1 hr 2 mins
    supply chain, technology, war

    Katherine Druckman talks to Kyle Rankin about global supply chain security, disaster and security preparedness, and the Librem 5.

  • Episode 102: The Unforgettable Episode

    Episode  |  March 11th, 2022  |  54 mins 30 secs
    memory loss

    Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman go a bit off-topic and talk to Shawn Powers about his memory loss.

  • Episode 101: The Elephant in the Room, Journalism, and Disinformation

    Episode  |  March 4th, 2022  |  44 mins 45 secs
    journalism, technology, war

    Doc Searls, Katherine Druckman, and Shawn Powers discuss wartime journalism and misinformation, and Shawn's brain.

  • Episode 100: A Celebration with IPFS, Web3, and Home Automation

    Episode  |  February 25th, 2022  |  43 mins 43 secs
    blockchain, technology, web3

    Doc Searls, Katherine Druckman, Shawn Powers, and Petros Koutoupis celebrate our 100th episode and talk Web3, IPFS, and home automation.

  • Episode 99: IdRamp and Identity Solutions

    Episode  |  February 18th, 2022  |  54 mins 53 secs
    decentralization, identity, technology

    Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk to Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp, about verifiable credentials, decentralization, and real-world identity solutions.

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