Episode 155

Project Bluefin and the Future of Linux


December 14th, 2023

57 mins 49 secs

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Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls learn all about Project Bluefin, a new cloud native friendly Linux distribution, from its creator, Jorge Castro, and Kyle Rankin, its newest enthusiast.


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Episode Links

  • Bluefin | The Next Generation Linux Workstation — The next generation Linux workstation, designed for reliability, performance, and sustainability.
  • Announcing Project Bluefin — Bluefin is a custom image of Fedora Silverblue by a bunch of cloud-native nerds. We want a reliable desktop experience that runs everything but we're too lazy to maintain anything. So we automated the entire delivery pipeline in GitHub.
  • Open Source: The Nerd Version of Formula One — In this first episode of Open at Intel Season 2, we broaden our conversation to discuss the very human aspects of open source software and the always-personal Linux* desktop, but with a cloud native twist.  Jorge Castro, Developer Advocate at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation* (CNCF), and my fellow Intel Open Source Evangelist Chris Norman join me to geek out on taking the desktop cloud native with immutable Linux* and talk open source community sustainability. 

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