Episode 144

Self-Publishing a Tech Book


April 21st, 2023

47 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk to prolific tech author, Kyle Rankin, about how he recently self-published his latest book, and how that differs from his many experiences with traditional publishers.


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  • Kyle Rankin - Books and Publications Spotlight | Lulu — Kyle Rankin has over two decades of professional Linux experience, and was a long-time systems administrator with a particular focus on infrastructure security, architecture, automation, and troubleshooting. He is the author of The Best of Hack and /: Linux Admin Crash Course (self-published, 2023), Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks (Pearson, 2017), DevOps Troubleshooting (Addison-Wesley, 2012), The Official Ubuntu Server Book, Third Edition (Prentice Hall, 2013), Knoppix Hacks, 2nd Edition (O’Reilly, 2007), and Ubuntu Hacks (O’Reilly, 2006), among other books. Rankin was an award-winning columnist and tech editor for Linux Journal, and speaks frequently on Open Source software including at SCALE, FOSDEM, O’Reilly Security Conference, Linux Fest NorthWest, BSidesLV, CactusCon, OSCON, Linux World Expo, and Penguicon.

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