Episode 137

Humans Are More Necessary Than Ever


January 17th, 2023

55 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk to Dan Miller of Opus Research about the future of Speech and AI.


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  • Dan Miller, Author at — Dan Miller has over 25 years experience in marketing, business development and corporate strategy for telecom service providers, computer makers and application software developers. Dan founded Opus Research in 1985 and helped define the Conversational Commerce marketplace by authoring scores of reports, advisories and newsletters addressing business opportunities that reside where automated speech leverages Web services, mobility and enterprise software infrastructure.
  • Eze Lanza: "Have you heard of https://you.…" - Mastodon Canada — Have you heard of https://you.com ? The search engine added #chatGTP style chatbot. It's not perfect but these are examples of what the future of AI could look like.
  • You.com | The AI Search Engine You Control
  • Say Goodbye to CCaaS: How The Conversational Cloud Will Evolve in 2022 - — Here are the trends that  should inform enterprise investment and deployment of Conversational AI, Cloud-based Contact Centers and Intelligent Assistance in the coming year.

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