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Katherine Druckman talks to Shawn Powers about teaching tech skills with online video and building communities.


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  • BASH Scripting 101 - YouTube
  • Shawn Powers - Wikipedia — Shawn Powers (born 19 July 1975) is a journalist, Open Source evangelist, cartoonist, and online personality. He is currently a co-host at FLOSS Weekly..[1] on the TWiT.tv network, a frequent guest host on the Reality 2.0 podcast,[2] and an active blogger since 2006. Specializing in Linux, he is best known for his time as Associate Editor and columnist for Linux Journal from 2007 until its buyout in 2019.[3] His first article, Build Your Own Arcade Game Player and Relive the '80s![4] was featured on the 2007 cover of Linux Journal.[5] Powers became an editor of the magazine[6] shortly thereafter, writing the monthly Current_Issue.tar.gz and UpFront columns and answering letters to the editor. He was also the main personality on the Linux Journal YouTube channel,[7] and still creates content on his own channel.
  • shawnp0wers — Learn everything, do what you love, and most importantly: be kind.

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