Episode 139

Permission Slip, a Consumer Reports Privacy App

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Katherine Druckman, Doc Searls, and Petros Koutoupis talk to Don Marti about Permission Slip, the new data privacy app from Consumer Reports.


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  • Introducing Permission Slip, the app to take back control of your data | Digital Lab at Consumer Reports — Privacy is a right. This is a fact in many states, and it’s one of our fervent beliefs at Consumer Reports. But that doesn’t mean privacy is easy. Anyone who’s tried to make their digital life more private knows how much effort it requires. We create data in nearly every interaction we have with companies. Keeping track and chasing after this data can feel convoluted, frustrating, even futile. The right to privacy is only real if you can use it. So today, we’re announcing a new, experimental service by Consumer Reports to help you do privacy better. Enter: Permission Slip.
  • Permission Slip by CR — Find out what companies know about us It’s no secret that a huge number of companies are collecting, buying and selling data about us. Find out what information they collect, and take action to help protect yourself.
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