Episode 33

Pandemic Edition


March 26th, 2020

1 hr 9 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk to Kyle Rankin, Petros Koutoupis, and Shawn Powers about the new realities we're facing as a result of COVID-19.

Show notes:

0:04:08: How is this situation a little bit different from what we're used to?

0:04:36: E-learning

0:06:00: Shawn on e-learning and computer-based training.

0:08:09: Kids without computer or internet access.

0:11:31: What is lockdown? What’s on the horizon?

0:14:14: Remote work, how to do it well.

0:16:22: What can distributed open source software teams teach everyone?

0:17:35: This is not normal right now. Don’t judge remote work.

0:18:56: The chicken suppression system's working.

0:25:12: Asynchronous communication, time zones.

0:27:19: This plague may be elevating the Big Bad companies.

0:30:21: Ethical and privacy concerns.

0:35:20: Should harvested data be used to save lives?

0:37:29: Apple privacy

0:37:49: Fourth amendment concerns.

0:39:11 Facial recognition.

0:43:12 Law enforcement and Clearview AI.

0:44:12: What is the step too far? What are the unintended consequences?

0:44:44: Local vs. large scale communication.

0:47:03: Shawn is hopeful.

0:49:05: Innovation in the works.

0:52:45: Return to normal?

0:55:52: Small business.

0:57:16: Shawn’s bidet.

0:57:34: What happens to conferences?

1:02:33 DrupalCon and #vanlife.

1:07:58 Shawn: Wash your hands.

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