Episode 34

Privacy and Self-Hosting


April 24th, 2020

1 hr 11 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk to Robert Douglass of Platform.sh about self-hosting collaboration tools, and other current privacy topics.

Show notes:

0:00:54: Introduction to a couple of tools

0:02:04: Doc's take on Zoom.

0:05:13: A lot of what we do online is not especially private.

0:06:33: Apple and Google and contact tracing.

0:09:00: Healthcare is a B2B insurance business.

0:11:15: Health information and advertising.

0:13:04: Convenience versus privacy.

0:13:26: SaaS products and convenience, Facebook, Apple. Concerns of the individual versus the concerns of the many.

0:15:46: The inevitable part where we go dark.

0:16:02: We're in the weirdest moment in modern civilization.

0:20:36: Radio, Internet, Television and Trump.

0:22:21: Bill Gates.

0:23:45: SaaS collaboration tools and privacy.

0:27:20: Who can you trust with your data, especially during a pandemic among questionable actors.

0:28:00: Mattermost

0:30:23: NextCloud

0:31:07: Jitsi

0:33:19: Cost differences.

0:38:31: ideology and dogmas way easier than real life, right?

0:39:23: Edward Snowden and Signal.

0:40:35: Signal vs. What's App.

0:41:20: Self-hosting and technical skill. Privacy trade-offs.

0:44:17: Apple watch.

0:45:12: Pragmatism.

0:46:58: Zoom and security scrutiny.

0:50:54: Facebook, privacy, and politics.

0:55:29: Facebook vs. Google.

0:56:36: Zoom scrutiny and appeal.

1:02:11: Conferences, air travel, climate change.

1:08:07: COVID innovation.

1:11:23: Stay home, be safe, deploy Mattermost and wash your hands.

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