Episode 40

Normalizing Surveillance


September 18th, 2020

33 mins 49 secs

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Doc Searls, Katherine Druckman, and Petros Koutoupis talk about Amazon's Alexa for landlords program.

Show notes:

00:00:23 For starters, let's begin with Normalization of Surveillance.
00:50:00 Amazon Alexa for landlords.
00:10:15 Is this really jus another way to discover new markets?
00:19:03 Doc the mechanic?!
00:27:49 If you're young do you really not care about privacy?
00:30:49 A couple of things that will clue people on privacy, are: Health data, and political issues

Link mentioned: https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2020/09/amazons-alexa-for-landlords-is-a-privacy-nightmare-waiting-to-happen/

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