Reality 2.0 Newsletter - April 22, 2021: Open Source Contribution

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A Quick Plug

Episode 66: You Should Open Source Now, Ask Me How!

Katherine Druckman chats with Petros Koutoupis and Kyle Rankin about FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), the benefits of contributing to the projects you use, and why you should be a FOSS fan as well.

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This week, we talked about why it’s important to contribute to the open source software you depend on. The talk was largely inspired by a recent DrupalCon panel on a similar topic. You may recognize one of the panelists, and we’ll be sure to share a link when a recording is available.

For this episode, we pulled Petros and Kyle into the conversation to share their experiences with various projects, and in particular, Purism’s upstream first policy. We outlined the business case for contribution, as well as the ideological case, and offer a few suggestions about where to start.

We hope this return to our open source roots proves useful, and inspires you to find ways to support the technologies that interest you.

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Surveillance Capitalism

Our previous guest Evan Greer has released a new single worth checking out. Enjoy!

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