Reality 2.0 Newsletter - December 9, 2020: A Cultural Problem

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What Happened to Cyber Utopia?

This Week in Bad Decisions

According to TechCrunch, privacy-respecting email provider Tutanota has become the target of a German court, generating frustrated sighs from privacy advocates around the world.

German e2e encrypted email provider Tutanota has been ordered by a regional court to develop a function that allows it to monitor an individual account.

Tutanota responded and clarified on Twitter and Reddit that this only affects “newly incoming and outgoing non-encrypted emails of one suspected criminal before these are being encrypted.” They also indicated plans to enable an automatic encryption feature in the near future.

As Jon says, “And it's not a technical problem. It's a cultural problem.” This German ruling seems like part of global a trend to undermine protections provided by end-to-end encryption. Let’s hope tech continues to find its way.

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