Reality 2.0 Newsletter - July 23, 2021: Human ID

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A Quick Plug

Episode 78: Human ID for Single Sign-On

Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls talk to Bastian Purrer and Namik Muduroglu about Human ID, their open source anonymous single sign-on solution.

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Last week, we talked to the co-founders of Human ID, an ambitious non-profit project, inspired by a desire to fight misinformation and its potential threat to democracy around the world. We hope you’ll listen to these energetic founders and consider their perspectives. From ours, we see putting in the work to address the problem as admirable in itself. Whether this solution or one of their future projects end up hitting the mark, we’re excited to see them tackle some tough problems.

Here’s Bastian with some background:

If you’d like to dive further into Human id, and we hope you will, you’ll find their GitHub profile, a demo, and a live implementation.

I’m sure they would love to see your feedback, and we would too. Please feel free to get in touch with us in a comment, or on any of our social outlets, or via our contact form. Sometimes it take us a little while to respond, but we’re definitely reading. Thank you!

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This Week’s Short Reading List

  • humanID | One-Click Anonymous Login — humanID is an anonymous, bot-resistant authentication for safer online communities. Non-profit and open source, the project was started in 2018 by the Foundation for New humanID. With the help of Mozilla and Harvard, we’re on a mission to #FixTheInternet.

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