Reality 2.0 Newsletter - April 13, 2022: Privacy Revisited

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A Quick Plug

Episode 106: Revisiting Privacy

Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls revisit the topic of data privacy.

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We’re back to the newsletter after a bit of a 2022 hiatus, and it’s perfect timing with the topic of our most recent episode. Last week, we circled back to the topic that got our podcast started and explored what has, and possibly more notably, what hasn’t changed with regard to data privacy and personal agency. While we may not have seen the progress we had hoped for, there has been some notable work (including some praiseworthy books, linked below), so we hope you’ll join us as we discuss the changes we have seen in the last three and a half years.

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Thank you to frequent guest, Shawn Powers, for sending us this gem that we had to resurrect the newsletter just to share with you.

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