Reality 2.0 Newsletter - June 24, 2021: DeleteMe, Privacy Tools, and Protecting Yourself

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A Quick Plug

Episode 74: DeleteMe, Privacy Tools, and Protecting Yourself

Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls talk to Abine’s Rob Shavell about DeleteMe and other privacy tools, as well as emerging issues like vaccine tracking, AI, and facial recognition.

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Last week, we talked to Rob Shavell of Abine, the company behind privacy tools DeleteMe and Blur, about his company, current issues concerning privacy advocates such as vaccine passports, AI, and a few other topics. We hope you’ll check it out and maybe give DeleteMe or Blur a try.

Perhaps the most encouraging takeaway from the conversation was the dynamism in the privacy start-up space. When talented and passionate people get together to serve a market that is eager to be guided through an increasingly challenging consumer technology landscape, there is tremendous potential for paradigm-shifting products, and that is very encouraging to see.

Do you have any favorite privacy tools you would like us to talk about or recommend? Are you or someone you know innovating in this field? Please let us know here in a comment, or on any of our social outlets, or via our contact form.

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