Reality 2.0 Newsletter - November 10, 2020: Technology Revolutions

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A Quick Plug

Doc Searls, Katherine Druckman, and Petros Koutoupis spoke with Apache community member, Hadrian Zbarcea, about the evolution/revolution of web technologies, online communication, and protocols. Please remember to subscribe via the podcast player of your choice.

Episode 47: Revolutions

Having survived the past week with the US thankfully intact, and thus-far without any Romanian-style bloody revolutions as discussed in the podcast, we are collectively entering the next phase of our story. With all the angst, pomp, and circumstance leading to a presidential election, especially one so contentious as this, the denouement can feel a bit unsettling and exhausting.

Most of us look forward to an opportunity to start something new, regardless of our political leanings, and as we all plan for a difficult new year, still in the midst of a global pandemic, I hope we can continue to focus on making our digital world a better place, as we see it.

Any eyes that are not presently focused on COVID-19 seem to be turned toward the internet, social platforms, information and disinformation, journalism, and cybersecurity. The world keeps turning, and our digital world continues to be a confusing place. I don’t see that elections change that, but we as digital citizens can and do. I’d like to offer up a suggestion this week to really dig deep and ponder what kind of digital world we want to virtually live in. If you are reading this, the digital world is likely as important to your daily existence as the physical one. What do you want to make of it?

Personally, I would start with reiterating the brilliant Eva Galperin:

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